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Martha is a contemporary painter with a wide-ranging and eclectic practice.  She considers abstract art as an avenue to encourage involvement and imagination, allowing the individual to see their own message in her work.  She considers it a privilege to enable the viewers visual and emotional journey. Martha is passionate about using new techniques and methods using acrylics, textures, collage, photography and other forms of mix media.   Abstract art has given her an appreciation for the beauty of imperfection. 
Born in Havana, Cuba,  she emigrated with her family to the United States after Fidel Castro declared Cuba a communist state.  They settled in the upper west side of Manhattan where Martha spent her childhood years. Upon graduating from high school in Manhattan, she moved to Miami to attend college.  After a successful corporate career, Martha discovered her gift of self-expression when she took a  series of modern art classes at the Boca Museum of Art. 
Martha finds inspiration in her travels and surroundings. She currently resides in Fort Lauderdale, FL.  When she is not painting, she enjoys traveling, playing tennis, and spending time with family and friends.
Martha's most recent recognition include:

Recipient of Special Recognition Merit in 2020 for Vibrance -- juried show (772 entries)
Recipient of Special Recognition Merit in 2020 for Surrounded -- juried show (844 entries)
Featured in the 2019 private exhibition at the Liberty Building in conjunction with the Boca Museum of Art
Recipient of an Honorable Mention in 2019 for Moab Desert ---juried show (570 entries)
Recipient of Special Recognition Merit in 2019 for Water Lilies ---juried show (678 entries)



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