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Three years ago I was compelled to paint.  For years and years I collected pictures I knew I would love to paint some day.  I never told a soul. Through some divinely appointed friends, I was forced to face my dreams and my fears, pick up a brush and begin.  I have no training, I’m not the artist in my family, I don’t draw.  I paint.  In the beginning I was so afraid, of I’m not quite sure what,  I had to lock the door to my room and get in my bed to paint.  The minute my one and only brush touched the canvas, something magic happened inside of me. My soul began to speak to me in a new way.  I felt joy, peace and healing. I even liked the end result!  I dared to show my husband what I had done and with his encouragement I continued….to paint in my bed.  One day my boss bought me a canvas that was too big for my bed painting and I was forced to step out of my room.  It was good.  I paint with my heart.  I break the rules because I don’t know the rules.  I paint until it feels good to me. I paint where I feel inspiration.  I paint what makes me happy. I sign each painting with an exclamation mark after my name because that is how I feel when I paint!  I place an angel in each painting as a blessing to the person who ends up owning it.  Sometimes the angel is easy to see, sometimes not, but one is always there.  Some paintings I plan, and some paintings paint themselves.  I learn as I go, not so much about art, but about myself.
My body lives and works in Tennessee, my heart is [...]

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