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Martha McLaren is an accomplished fine artist who works outdoors and in studio in Santa Barbara, CA. As a child growing up in Texas, her creative spirit led her to spend many hours drawing, painting and using her imagination. In college, it wasn't long before that interest instigated a change in her major culminating in a Bachelor of Arts Interior Design degree. The art classes in the degree spoke to her and ignited her love for painting.  When faced with an "empty nest" later in life, she turned back to art and rediscovered that painting was her passion.
Living in the Bay Area for 30 years afforded her the opportunity to study Plein Air with iconic Pam Glover, life drawing with Sherry Kwint-Cattoch and painting with Pam Della, Van Walrdon and Peggy Doughty. She has also studied with Tom Hughes, Lori Putnam and Kenn Backhaus. McLaren was a founding member of the Moraga Art Gallery and the Lamorinda Art Alliance. Past exhibits include the Gualala Art Center, Epperson Gallery, Arts Benicia-Art of the Community, Martinez Civic Arts, Orinda Library, The Glover Group, Moraga Chamber of Commerce and she was the solo artist at the Moraga Art Gallery, Orinda Community Center, Two Crows and Haute Stuff.
McLarens hope is that through her passion for painting she can create work that visually speaks to the viewer.  She is continually inspired by the combination of color and shapes and the excitement that is created by warm vs cool and light vs dark.   For McLaren, creating art is a constant learning process.....that's what makes it never ending and so much fun!   Transferring her vision to the canvas is an exciting and satisfying journey.  

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