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I spent the first part of my life as an art educator, having earned an undergraduate degree in art education from the University of Wisconsin (LaCrosse), and a graduate degree in art education from Texas Woman's University (Denton).  My twenty eight year career as an art educator, which included middle school and high school experiences, was a rich tapestry of connections with young artists.  While working with these artists, I was the student as well as the teacher.
I have started the second part of my life as a full time artist, which has allowed me to concentrate on my mixed media photographs and assemblages.  I am drawn to these media because I am fascinated by the way in which our interior lives become visible, how our pasts intermingle with our presents and are revealed.   I use old dolls and 19th century photographic portraits blended with family members.  I place contemporary tattoos onto the surfaces of bisque dolls and old ceramic glove forms.  I want the viewer to experience the contradictions of time and to read the partial stories that appear on the surface of each of us.  Through my selection of certain old objects, the history of that object becomes part of my history and the history of the viewer.

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