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The Artist Says:

 When I study God's creation and the principles of design and beauty found there, I am drawn to Him.  It is a privilege to be a visual artist because  learning to see opens doors of adventure and pleasure that are available everywhere and in the simplest things.

Collectors Say:

"There was something about that painting that grabbed me the very first time I saw it, so I'm happy you're willing to sell it."
"Your paintings give me joy!"


is not one blade of grass, there is no color in this world that is not intended to make us rejoice.”  —John Calvin
Why paint?
Martha Faires is a Carolina girl, painting the places, people, and things that give her joy. She has been privileged to live and paint in China and Taiwan, and the East has left its impression on her, but she says, “ I love coming back to my roots where pastures are green, cows make me feel at home, front porches seem welcoming, and water and sky make me want to soar.”
She says she is  influenced as much by certain writers––especially George MacDonald and C.S. Lewis–– as she is by great visual artists because they help her understand the deeper purpose of the arts.  She notes that  Lewis speaks of nature as being “only the first sketch” of a greater glory.   It is that greater glory that she sees in the ordinary world around her and that is what she hopes to communicate to the viewer.    She says, “Nothing is insignificant.”
Martha  works predominately in oil, but can’t resist pencil, charcoal, oil pastels, and watercolor. She carries a sketchbook or watercolor sketching supplies wherever she goes, and any unsuspecting person in waiting rooms, airports, or post office lines can become subject matter for her art.  
 She says that through the influence of some very accomplished artists, she has become passionate about plein air painting.  She says, “The eye sees more and in a different way than a camera can, and painting from life inspires me through all of my senses in a way photographs do not. Nature is a master teacher for color, value, shape and texture.” Although she does participate in regional paint outs, she says she finds most of her plein air inspiration in her [...]

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