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While I was interested in art as a child, it went the way of  piano lessons, and lay dormant for about a half century.  About  three years ago my wise daughter Emma, who had watched me doodle over the years, gave me a birthday present consisting of a charcoal pencil set, a drawing tablet and a book entitled “Drawing for Dummies” and cajoled me to get to work.   I then took a drawing class at the Arts Center in Carrboro and then a Botanical class in Watercolor at the NC Botanical Garden.  I dabbled in watercolor until I discovered my early mentor, Nancy Franke, an oil  impressionistic Floral artist.  I attended her three day workshop in Atlanta and was inspired.  That was my first experience in oil – in fact I had equipment that was still shrink-wrapped in plastic that I unwrapped in the hotel the night before and spread some paint around to mess it up a bit so I would not look like a total novice!   It turned out to be totally unnecessary as Nancy is a wonderful artist and supportive teacher and got me well started on my journey.  Over the past couple of years I have attended a variety of such oil painting workshops all over the country – it is the artistic version of the guy’s golf trip!   In studying with a variety of artists, I am in the process of developing my own style. The main lesson I have learned is that it is never too late to surprise yourself by discovering new things. Thanks, Emma!

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