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My name is Marsha Youde from Laguna Hills, CA and the world of design and beauty have captivated me since my earliest memories.  My formal training in Art and Interior Design began at Cal State University Long Beach, and this artistic passion has continued and grown throughout my life.
As a professionally designated Interior Designer (CA Certified Interior Designer #502), I practiced as a model home and hotel designer all across the country.  As my design career progressed, I developed a special appreciation and love for the artwork itself (vs. wallcoverings, floor coverings etc), as these definitive artwork components seem to be the punctuation points and the finishing touch of “jewelry” to a well-dressed room. To me, rooms without artwork are just plain not finished!
So I have turned my creative abilities to creating my own punctuations points: impressionist oil paintings.  My goal is that my paintings capture the essence of beauty, the aliveness of color, the instant of a moment of pleasure, the finishing touch to a warm and hospitable, loving environment by completing a space and tying all the elements together.
To me, the quality and serenity of our surroundings influences the attitudes and behaviors of our lives. It is the artwork that makes the most vivid impression and the artwork that keeps on giving its gift of beauty and color, always there for whoever gazes upon it.
That is why I create: each canvas is hopefully a little spot of permanent loveliness, long lasting enjoyment on the wall, a familiar friend to return to, that reminds you of pleasure & beauty.   I welcome the challenge of creating that beauty.  Offering beauty to new places,  which makes for more peace, less conflict, soothes and comforts,  the feeling of all-is-well in my domain, in my home.
 That’s my wish for you, hoping you find in [...]

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