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Although the left side of my brain took over in high school and college being a math major, the creative right side was awakened upon taking a drawing class suggested by my wonderful husband to escape the demands of mothering three little girls (albeit wonderful little girls) under the age of five.  As those three little girls grew so did my art life.  I have studied under several wonderful artist/teachers, such as Nita Engle, Albert Handell, David Leffel and also been inspired by Richard Schmid and Casey Baugh. In turn I became an art teacher. I first taught children, high school students and then workshops for adults.  Teaching was a wonderful way to awaken creativity in others and pass on that wonderful feeling an artist achieves when totally immersed in their artwork.  That feeling of being so immersed that the rest of the world falls away never fails to amaze me.  It even helps me work through the pain of different medical conditions.
I work in many mediums: oil, pastel, watercolor, acrylic and colored pencil.  I find that the subject matter determines which medium is chosen to bring the painting to fruition.  A wide range of subject matter captures my interest: people, still life, florals, landscapes and abstracts.
Although recognition and awards have come my way, for which I am grateful, I find that just the act of creation is reward in and of itself.  I have been pleased to be included in many people's private collections.  The Detroit Institute of Art chose my painting "Reds" as the winner of their last Arts and Flowers Show at the museum.  Besides capturing the top prize, my artwork was reproduced as a poster and many items were created using the artwork for their museum gift shop. My artwork has also been published in The Artistic Touch [...]

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