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Marsha Heimbecker paints with risk, creativity, and emotion. Her fearless, yet thoughtful approach produces striking, and sometimes haunting works. Heimbecker’s paintings tell a story, and it is her empathic connections to her subjects that draw us in, whether the subject is a landscape, a still life, a portrait, or an elephant. Heimbecker captivates with her risk-taking color schemes, bold brushwork, and emotionally charged compositions, and it is her combination of the three that challenges our senses and awakens a uniquely personal experience between the artist and subject. The colors command attention and evoke immediate emotional response. The bold brushwork directs us toward the key elements of the painting, providing enough detail to guide us, yet leaving enough unsaid to allow individual interpretation, resulting in an often arresting ambiguity. The composition is both the framework upon which the other two rely, and the underlying story that is always central to Heimbecker’s work. 
“My favorite memories are the little things… moments and stories shared by friends and family. I am taken with the beauty and magic of life, and try to capture these moments in my paintings.” 
Marsha Heimbecker is a San Francisco Bay Area native, where she continues to live and work. Heimbecker studied at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, and at many Bay Area colleges, and has attended workshops around the country. Her paintings can be found in galleries and in private collections throughout the world. 
She is represented at the following galleries: 


Marsha is currently a member of POPS and the Sanchez Art Gallery.  
She is represented at the following galleries:

Portola Art Gallery, Menlo Park, California
The Horizon Fine Art Gallery, Jackson Hole, Wyoming
JustaBite Cafe, San Francisco, California

Shows and Awards

2012 Portola Art Gallery, One-Woman Show, October 1 -- 31, Recent Paintings
2012 Burlingame Art Group Demonstration
2012 Thomas Moser Gallery, [...]

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