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I have been an observer of life as far back as I can remember.  I followed in my father's footsteps, who at 99, continues to demonstrate that plain ol' living is an event to be celebrated.  He says, "Every day you wake up on the green side of the grass is a good day."  I truly believe every moment on earth needs to be cherished.  We'll never get it back.
As an artist, I am fascinated by ordinary life.  I am touched by expressions on faces caught at just the crucial moment.  I could spend hours watching cows quietly grazing in a field of wildflowers.  I feel the love of pets looking adoringly at their owners or excitedly at their toys.  I am thrilled by the colors and light represented in every season.  I treasure the smell of grass and the feel of a breeze across my face.  My work as an artist is about hands-on, heart-filled, everyday joy; and I try to inspire that thrill of ordinary life in others through the subjects I choose, the colors I use, and the light I weave into my paintings.
Painting never gets old for me.  I have yet to enter my studio saying, "Ho-hum.  What am I going to paint today?" I have lots of ideas about what I want to put on canvas because life is overflowing with subjects.  Painting coincides with one of my life values which is the importance of continuing to engender and meet challenges.  Art is a lifetime of learning.  I have been blessed to be taught by many talented artists, who have mentored and encouraged me.  Two pieces of wisdom have persisted throughout their teachings:  In order to keep learning, you have to keep painting; and you will  never know it all.  THAT is exciting to me!!

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