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American artist Marsha L. Robinett was born in Danville, Illinois in 1946.  Marsha was drawing portraits of her family when she was still in grade school.  After High School she laid down her pencils and paint brushes to pursue the vocation of "wife and mother".
Marsha has worked most of her life as a hairdresser. With her family raised, her pencils and paint brushes have once again become her "best friends."  She also works for FASO as an Artist Support Agent, assisting other artist with their websites.Marsha says she draws and paints today because she can't think of anything else she would rather do...and she will also tell you that her artistic talent is a gift from God.

Marsha's drawing and painting style is  "creative realism" with a keen eye for detail and composition.  Where some would consider the pencil only for the preliminary sketch, she takes her drawings to the next level by creating complete and detailed works of art.  Her watercolors reflect the same attention to detail, light, and shadow...yet explode with color, adding a new dimension to her work.Her still life drawings and watercolors depict the familiar and stir our memories, while her portraits capture the soul of the individual.


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