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When painting I enjoy the freedom of applying paint and mixing color to develop shape and form to represent and capture a moment in time that I am inspired to paint. For me art is a way of expressing my passion for what I see. Art is  a moment of inspirational insight, wishing to be expressed. Much healing comes from art, from seeing others vision of the world, or from trying to express our emotions and spiritual side, opening us up to our higher selves. Mostly painting my subjects from life, whether it be still life, plein air, or the figure, I enjoy the textural awareness that it brings to all my senses making them more alive and alert. The shadows interplay with the light as the subject begins to appear more alive with each stroke of colorful paint. Plein air painting is a great experience in ever changing light. When painting I look for strong contrasts of light and shadow. Interplay of color is a delight to me when mixing colors on the canvas. By studying the intensity of color one can always learn new things about the subtle nuance they project. Finally when pulled together they sing with harmony and balance in the final painting. I have worked for 2 years as a Commercial Artist and 5 years as a Graphic Designer. I have a Studio /Gallery in Sugarhouse. for 6 and a half years.... Rockwood Art Studios. Graduate of Excellence with Honors Spring 2014 with an Associates of Science Degree in Visual Arts and Design majoring in Photography with a Motion Graphics Certificate. Further back in time I obtained an Associates of Science Degree in Visual Arts and Design majoring in Graphic Design, Illustration and Computer Graphics.

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