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Since childhood, I’ve been drawn to all things of a creative nature and have been fortunate to explore art across many countries and cultures. Born and raised in former Czechoslovakia, I graduated from a bilingual high school and moved to the Netherlands, one of the most art-rich places in the world. There, I was inspired to explore painting and drawing and enrolled in an art class - a decision that forever changed my life. My teacher, and established artist, Maria Affourtit encouraged me and drove my passion to become an artist. However, it would be several years before I found the courage to pursue art further. While living in Holland, I earned my degree in psychology and, after meeting my husband, I moved to the United States. Though my path temporarily veered from my true passion, my love of art never dwindled.
Having the opportunity to live in different countries, I found a deep love and appreciation of languages, various cultures, and reflective art. I found sanctuary in local museums and architectural sights that provided some of my greatest inspirations. In particular, classical art has a special place in my heart. The Old Masters always peeked my interest for their themes and narratives on antiquity, love and ethereal beauty was something that deeply resonated with me.
In the fall of 2018, I came across, classical figurative artist, Eric Armusik. Inspired by his impressive figurative art, I began taking classes from him. It was during this time, that I painted my first oil portrait. Shortly after, impressed by my inherent talent, and dedication, Eric made me an offer to continue studying with him as his apprentice. With great enthusiasm, I accepted and currently continue my apprenticeship assisting him with his Dante Inferno project.
As an artist, I enjoy fostering creativity in others [...]

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