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Mark's work has been shown in a number of juried exhibitions and in galleries all over the United States. His awards include BEST of SHOW at the 43rd Annual National Show in Cheyenne, WY, First Place at the Art Deco Reimagined Exhibition in Roseville, CA, BEST of SHOW at the Diamond National Art Competition in Hot Springs, AR, First Place Oil/Acrylic Painting Carnegie Arts Center's juried exhibition, "Imagining the Real", an HONORABLE MENTION for "The Guitar Player in San Gimignano", and an EMERGING ARTIST SPECIAL AWARD for "Michael" at the X-Power Gallery in Beverly Hills, CA. 2009 International Art Competition http://www.xpgallery.com.tw/news/en/news6_en.html . Currently Mark is represented by DailyPainters.com, the Daily Painters Marketplace, Daily Painters International, and Daily Painters Abstract Gallery.
Artist Statement:
I wanted to convey the depth of motion of the human figure, landscape, or still life both active and at rest. The result became a form of sculptural abstract imagery of not only the subject itself, but rather the time and space that it occupies in a single moment, or several single moments reducing the form into less complicated shapes. After several drafts I begin developing areas to gain the effect of either greater tension or greater flow. This combined with an edge on edge effect is what gives my work a dimensional depth. The result is a juxtaposition of organic and artificial forms giving my work a sculptural presence.
Extended Biography:I got into painting after a number of years of drawing and/or inking for comic books. This was about 10-12 years ago. All of the comic books were independent and I don't think that any of them ever saw the light of day. After a while I had decided that comic book illustration wasn't working out for me and I had decided to go back into painting (which I hadn't done since college about [...]

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