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“Keep chasing your dreams and your nightmares will get tired of chasing you.”
Matshona Dhliwayo
In my early childhood I suffered from frequent nightmares.  They diminished when my Dad set a pad of paper and a sharp pencil by my bed and suggested I draw myself back to sleep whenever I had a bad dream.  When bored as a child, I would sketch portraits of people sitting around me.  When I was nine years old, my mother decided to take oil painting classes.  She shared her materials with me when I showed interest.  I was fascinated by the process of creating colors.  At the age of twelve, I attempted my first oil portrait.  Whether it was fear, boredom, or loneliness, it seemed art was always rescuing me.  Through my parent’s tender wisdom, I fell in love with art.
I started out my art career as a commercial illustrator.  After a short trip to Europe, I began to pursue a career in fine art as a landscape painter.  Years later, I returned to my first love in art, figure drawing and portraiture.  My passion is to find the innate beauty in everything I see.  I paint to learn about life, nature, and people. 
 I thank God for the generosity and wisdom of many artists from whom I have benefited through workshops, books, videos, and friendships.   I am presently working from my studio in the historic town of Excelsior Springs, Missouri. I invite you to join me in discovering the beauty that is all around by signing up for my newsletter, "This Artist's Journey."   There you will be notified of new art, events, and exhibitions.  Check out the archived newsletters at the bottom of the newsletter page by selecting Read Past Issues.
 My hope is that my paintings will bring some pleasure into your life as well.
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