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Mark Stanford started school on the East Coast of Florida in the mid 1960’s.  He remembers how Florida used to look before all the construction and development.  The Indian River used to be clean and clear and teaming with life.  
Mark became a goldsmith in Vero Beach in 1981.  He apprenticed under a German master goldsmith, Robert Dear.  During that time, he met and married the love of his life, Jennifer.  Later he graduated with honors from Toccoa Falls College in Georgia.  He became a case manager in Florida, working to help children and families in crisis.  It was during that time that Mark began to paint.  He missed using his creative talents and found painting to be a way to attend to this creative desire.
Mark started out painting around 2004 with a palette knife in oils.  He was introduced to the Highwaymen art a couple of years prior and then A.E. Backus paintings.  Mark really loved A.E. Backus oils, especially the old palette knife works of art.  Backus painted slowly and in detail.  While Mark could not afford paintings by A.E. Backus, his initial intent with painting was to try to paint like Backus’ early works with a palette knife and paint Florida how it used to be from Mark’s childhood memories for his own home.
Eventually, people wanted to buy the paintings he had hung in his home.  He started painting plein air works in the current Florida landscapes and opened his palette to other Southeastern landscapes and started selling them on e-Bay.  He sold many paintings on e-Bay all over the country small and large.  Some collectors bought as many as 30 paintings, filling their homes with his oils.    In 2011, Mark started lessons with Ahmed Eltemtamy, a listed Florida landscape artist, which elevated his ability to sell [...]

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