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                                       Mark Pullen b.1965 has been painting and drawing with fervor since, he can recall.  Painting came last not until much schooling and study had been completed . Once found he never looked back. Art history was capitvating with new energy once he engaged with paint. Not limited to a particular style his voice emerged gradually over time. 
                                       This period included many of lifes challenges ,including heart failure and hospitalization for two weeks, it was here that he reflected on the grave and the need for restraint and focused  purpose in his work. "Life is far to short even when its long, to tarry even a minute." This not barring observational intensity every day has lead to renewed  dimension in both his work and life ,which are not separated .
                                         Since this has occurred  he has found a new peace from his work ,directly due to his relationship with Jesus Christ (Yeshua)," He has shown me his presence in my life from the beginning, it was I who tarried Lord and kicked against the goad ."   
Yeshua it is plain to me you are my Lord and Savior. Tho, I do not deserve Your grace I receive it still." 

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