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  • FASO Artist Website: http://markjunge.com

  • Year Born: 1949

  • Paintings feature transparent glazes, giving each piece the look of stained-glass.

  • Desert landscapes predominate, plus other western landscapes and wildlife art.

  • All paintings are acrylic on panel in a traditional / classical realism style.

  • Price Range: $350.00 - $500.00

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Bare sand and rock baking under the sun’s blazing fury. Surreal plant life.  Gently-scented flowers dancing and bobbing on soft, warm breezes. Far-distant mountains and open spaces that seem to touch the infinite: the vast spaces of the Southwest.
All this, and more, are the deserts of the American Southwest.

Through the clear night air, we see a million pinpricks of suns far away. Our footsteps crunch against the gravelly desert floor as lizards flit in the blink of an eye and disappear under elfin shrubs. A startled jackrabbit bolts across the landscape. The deep, fluorescent-blue dome of the sky inescapably surrounds us.
This Spartan, thirsty and (sometimes) prickly world is a place where one can be alone – totally alone. If the wind is still, one can hear – NOTHING, the silence broken only by the occasional, gurgling “cawing” of a nearby raven in flight. It’s a place to think, to recharge one’s batteries, to leave the troubles of our world as we enter another.
Obviously, I love this place of wonder. While all types of landscapes have their beauty (and I paint those, too), the mystical, spiritual expanse of the deserts speaks to me as nothing else can. I’m an introspective, quiet and understated person living in a harsh world. Most of the time, I belong in the desert. I fit. And I’ll never tire of painting it and showing you what a beautiful and pure place it is.


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