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I have spent more than 25 years writing as a journalist and for global corporations in my career in public relations and corporate communications. I try to tell a different story with my art.
The beauty of the ordinary is what I try to capture in my paintings. Artists, like writers, are communicators. We are surrounded by unlimited opportunities to share with others the unique qualities of color, light and form that are part of our everyday lives. But, too often we overlook them or pass them by.
In my paintings I try to capture the unique light and atmosphere of my subjects, whether inside or outdoors. I work from life, and my goal is that viewers see what I’m seeing – on that day, in that place, in that way.
My approach to painting stems from my roots as a journalist covering the every-day. I believe in being straightforward, clear and honest – in word and picture. There is an ineffable beauty in the world around us and my challenge is to capture and share it with others.  
Ultimately, I believe good painting is about good seeing – a learning process that never ends. 
Training: The Art Academy, St. Paul (Jim Robinson) Joseph Paquet, Joseph Paquet Studio, St. Paul

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