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Mark Goedewaagen is known for watercolor and oil landscapes of the mountains in the western United States.  Mark’s collectors feel that he captures a love for the great outdoors and often comment how the paintings help them feel calm, relaxed and feel a tinge of excitement as if exploring, and have said, “I’ve been there!”
Mark was born in Oakland, California.  Mark’s family lived in New York City, Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon.  Mark had resided in South Lake Tahoe and now resides in Sparks, Nevada.
Mark and his family loved the great outdoors and spent their spare time camping, hiking, backpacking, fishing, sailing and horseback riding.  Mark continues these activities all over the western United States to this day.  Mark’s love for camping and hiking have given him the inspiration to paint the many beautiful sights of America’s western mountains.
Mark graduated from Humboldt State University of California.  He then received training at Lake Tahoe Community College in drawing, watercolor and oil painting.  He has attended workshops by artists Andy Thompson, Frances Clark, Marguerite Crokus, Janice Foss, Suzanne Cody Adams, Jean Le Gassick, Dale Leitman, Thaleia Georgiades, Stefan Baumann and Monika Johnson.
At a workshop attended by Stefan Baumann, Stefan felt that Mark painted in a style similar to Albert Bierstadt.  Mark has also been influenced by the artist, Edgar Payne and his book titled “Composition of Outdoor Painting”.  Inspiration comes to Mark through his sensitivity to the natural world; time spent in nature and the escape from human made noise and distractions.  He started with watercolor but now enjoys painting with oils.  His art has the meeting of colors to portray the nuances of the natural world and the progression of his work in an impressionistic style.

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