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BIOGRAPHY: Mark Feuring … My grandfather worked for the Wabash Railroad in the Famous Barr building in downtown St. Louis after WWII through the 1960s. He would come into work dressed in a top hat and tie, only to spend an hour downtown eating breakfast and reading the newspapers. He would greet his boss, go to his locker, put on a brown jumpsuit, and head to the shop to repair office furniture and build frames for railroad office employees. He said, "On the 13th floor, they would open the windows and let the sawdust fly. His father was a house builder, and both worked for the highway department in the late 1920s for 10 cents an hour through a 10 hour day. During WWII, my grandpa worked in a bullet factory in North St. Louis. My family heritage and culture have always driven a good working moral value on "make something every day, take time to put something together." Schemes of working education toward building block agenda happen in every community. Self-recognition toward the arts' craft builds with critiques and betters a paradigm as a designer and should occur with project definitions.I currently attend The "Passenger Club" meetings with RR retirees once a month at an Italian restaurant on The Hill in St. Louis, Missouri. The stories of train and railroad history of engines and employees' agenda help attribute motivation. After college, while I was starting to pursue directions in the art and design vocations, my grandfather lived for six years and was my best mentor and teacher. My grandfathers' boss liked him so much. I hear he would say, "Cliff, when you build me that piece of furniture and picture frame for my house, build yourself one." When his boss moved to Virginia to run a railroad, he set my [...]

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