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Artist Statement
I believe the role of the artist is to discover elements of the “sacred” and express them into dynamic works of art.  Picasso described the artist as a shaman, and I agree with this idea.  Art is a spiritual message.  I have found that animals are the perfect subjects and metaphors to interpret these messages. 
I grew up in Arizona watching the native wildlife and spending many hours watching animals as a volunteer at the Phoenix Zoo.  There is a sense of awe and wonder in animals that never goes away.  I will spend many hours and sometimes even years sculpting the same animals and working on capturing this sense of awe.
I am also inspired by the wonderful myths and religious stories of the ages.  From Greek Mythology to the great Native religions the stories offer guidance on how to live our life.  The writer Joseph Campbell described these stories as illustrating “The Hero’s Journey”.  They describe ways to overcome the challenges and adversity in life and reach a new spiritual plateau. 
The work I create has elements of these stories and metaphors in each sculpture.  Each piece is a labor of love that takes months and sometimes years to finish.  I will go to great lengths to express a specific emotion.  For example, I spent over a year volunteering at a therapeutic horse riding center.  I wanted to study the relationship between the horse and the rider and the intense bond that is formed.  This journey led to my piece “Soulmates”.
My style of sculpture has been a transformative journey.  I was initially trained as a classical figurative sculptor in the style of Michelangelo or Rodin.  Over time I discovered different styles of sculpture and felt a deep bond with rough expressionistic Italian sculptors of the turn of the century that included [...]

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