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 BREAKING NEWS!  This painting, "Orchid Angels" has been accepted by the very prestigious KVIE Art Auction.  I am always thrilled to bits when I get in even though I have been in various times in the past, because it is so highly competitive.

Sign up for my news letter and I will be giving dates and times when it will be auctioned.  Marj.A year has passed, the KVIE Art Auction has once again accepted my painting.  This year the title is; "The Circle of Life" it will be auctioned Saturday Sept. 25, between 11:00 and 11:30pm.  The preview party will be Sept 20th at the KVIE Studio in Sacramento.  Marj.I fell in love with painting when I was 3 years old.  A neighbor brought me a coloring book when I was recovering from a car accident and forgot my pain and immersed myself in this joyful activity.  Unfortunately I was born in a time when it was common knowledge that women were constitutionally incapable of being artists.  As late as 1948 a big slick glossy art book of all the great artists of the world showed no women artists, not one.  So I spent the next many years trying to squash my urges to paint,  I turned my creativity to Photography, raising children, and an attempted marriage.     Over the years I took a few art classes, but it was during the time when only abstract was acceptable and I found that in order to do that I had to force myself against myself because the art I loved was out of fashion.  I can remember being absolutely enthralled by the portraits in the museums but there were two definite taboos at that time, people and realism, but I decided to do it anyway.  In the meantime things change.     In 1981 Laura, my [...]

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