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I paint figurative still lifes in oil, draw in pencil, conte and pastels, and produce multi-layered landscapes using photographic processes printed as fine art prints on watercolor paper and canvas.
I was born in Boston, MA and when I was 9 months old moved to Venezuela . . . I grew up outside of the US for the first 13 years of my life . . . living in Venezuela, The Azores, Peru, Turkey, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador . . . until our family finally ended up in Sarasota, FL where I attended junior high and high school.  I have lived in Atlanta, GA most of my adult life and consider both Atlanta and Sarasota my home town.
Nature is the subject of my deepest love.  Growing up in Latin America, my sensibilities were heavily influenced by a manner of thinking that comes mainly from the heart . . . I grew up in an atmosphere filled with music, vibrant colors, magic and mysticism . . . very much like the one perceived by the Magical Realist artists, writers and poets who find mundane, everyday life always infused with mystical, magical elements, such as in Pablo Neruda’s Odes to Common Things, wherein, . . .”I have a crazy, crazy love of Nature . . . not just the grandest, also the infinitely small . . . the planet is sublime . . . I love all things . . . many things have conspired to tell me the whole story . . . they were so alive with me that they lived half my life and will die half my death.”
I count myself among the artists and writers working to influence our human outlook away from a sense of entitlement, toward a sense of humility, awe and wonder with regard to the [...]

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