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Color surprises, bold texture and generous paint have always drawn collectors to my work, and now the paintings are bigger than ever before. The abstract spirit of every subject is coming through more clearly with spontaneous gestures that involve my whole body. It's like a dance before the canvas, and the surface is coming alive!
This new direction is proving to be influential to my smaller work as well. It's fresher, with more dramatic compositions and a more immediate expression of work is influenced by past masters such as Joaquin Sorolla, Tom Thomson, Carl Rungius, Bob Kuhn and many others that work today in a variety of subject and media. She also studied print making, life painting and drawing in college in her 30's.The wonderful wild web is today's new frontier. An artist can reach far and wide to communicate with clients and make new connections all over the world now. Marion has recently had CD, magazine and novel covers to her credit, several schools and universities use her work for promotion, her paintings are used in TV documentary intros, and there's often a new article in the works in any one of a variety of media.
Her subjects come from her life. She travels enthusiastically as often as she can, both close to home or across the ocean. Sketching and studying animals are a favorite pastime, which sets an excellent foundation for creating authentic work.Texture and rich color are her signature. Delicious paint applied generously by knife or brush strokes capture the essence of a subject's spirit and demeanor.
Marion was a prairie gal until her 30's when she moved to the West Coast. Two distinct histories to draw a wealth of inspiration from. Commercial art and design was the main focus until about 14 years ago when painting became a full [...]

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