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      I cannot remember a time that I wasn't making things. It has always been "me". I have been a potter for many years, and now I  am painting, to my delight. I paint mostly in acrylic and love that for the color - yes, the colors. With ceramics you don't get to see the colors until you are finished.My art is the window that allows me to see the creativity in myself. I get lost in the possibilities.  I want the observer to feel the emotion and connection to an artwork.  It is an honor to have my work in peoples homes and know they are looking at them every day.The spontaneity of both of the mediums and the somewhat unpredictable results are endlessly interesting.  Most often the work designs itself - I am just the conduit. Form/design comes first and always has been the most essential element of my work.My new love of two-dimensional work - acrylics - lets me play with color in a way that is so different than clay. Yet, the textures that I have loved seem to spill over into my paintings, happily. Color, form, design and texture speak to me as I paint.
I love to to create.

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