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The Artist Says:

"There is nothing I'd rather do then be in my studio painting."

Collectors Say:

"Love my new paintngs and I can't wait to see them in their new home. I love your work and it's been fun working through the selection process. Thanks for making it easy!" - DLP, Houston Texas
"Your stuff is wondeful. I am so happy I now have a couple of your pieces in my house!" - BH, Pottstown, PA
"I love me new painting! I hung it up and it looks great!" - JK, Pottstown, PA
"I definately want this one (painting); its going to me apartment in Paris." - KWR, Saucon Valley, PA
"We love this painting. It looks great in our home!" - KC, Douglassville, PA
"Consider these two sold." - B.D., Bethlehem, PA (upon seeing images on FB
"I bought it (painting) for my office, but I am SO enjoying it it at home!"  "You certanly have grown into an amazing artist." - JK,Albuquerque, NM

Dealers Say:



I love to paint, as each painting is an exploration, an exciting discovery. My work is made to be lived with, to bring joy to the collector, to be a place where the collector can enjoy the color and marks as much as I had in making them. Some paintings soother and calm; others excite and invigorate, while others are meditative and peaceful. They reflect the nuances of shared human emotions.
Over the course of years I was fortunate to meet influential artists.  All of my experiences, including 10 years as an art reviewer and 20 years as a gallery director and 30+ years negotiating the art world as a visual artist, has shaped and understand contemporary art.

I am working with non-objective abstraction, although often a theme comes through. But color, format, and composition are always fundamental.  When making abstract paintings, I often add what might be an awkward or unexpected element. When I do, I find these unexpected elements add surprise and a much needed tension. If the painting seems complacent or formulaic I know I need to do something to lift out of that realm.   That element might be a final strong gestural stroke, an unexpected or seemingly non harmonious color or added marks.  If the painting seems complacent or formulaic I know I need to do something to lift out of that realm.  
My latest venture is creating group virtual exhibitions. 

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