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I was Born in Alexandria, Egypt and lived in Europe ( Italy) and the Middle East. After my Arrival in the USA in 1980, my first paintings were inspired by my education in Interior Design and Architecture and my taste for enigmatic, colorful images.
Since 1981,  I have been involved with many galleries, countless art exhibits in the New England area and a constant research into the creative side of painting.
In 2006 and 2008 I received awards from the Currier Museum of Art for my figurative paintings.
In 2011 I became a member of the Copley Society of Boston.
 I also had  short appearances in Museums( the Currier Museum and the Whistler Art Museum) and  gave many Talks and Demos about the process of Art in libraries, Museums and Associations.
 Although I started with Landscapes and painted hundreds of them, my personal preferences lead me to a different style, born from the  Art imagery  I came in contact with throughout  the years.
Influenced by Medieval,  Russian, Oriental, Indian and Persian Art, I noticed that I could visualize my secret world with different applications of paint, not following the usual trends of Art, common in the many art galleries I was visiting.
 To get there, I experimented with different medias, going from watercolors in 1980 to gouache, then acrylic gouache, acrylics, oils, casein and egg tempera.  The painting surfaces were carefully tried, starting with a variety of papers, leading  to different wood boards and canvases. Anything different I used would create new visual effects and results.
In the past year, instead of starting with the traditional drawing media, then application of paint, I reversed the process going  from total abstract surface to the birth of imagery and shapes!
This allowed me to be more creative .
When I was younger, I was trained to be an architect, but still [...]

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