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A self-proclaimed art student for life, Marie approaches her work as an exploration of emotion and technique.  Her favorite thing to paint is children exploring nature.  Children have such a sense of freedom.  Their emotions and actions are so spontaneous and uninhibited.  Marie conveys this by the use of color and sense of movement and by building layers of color with a palette knife.  She explores techniques and color combinations that project spontaneity and emotion.  Marie is part owner of the Art Gallery in a Gallery located in Little Rock, Arkansas with sixteen other local artists.  She is constantly learning new techniques and expanding her creative process and use of color from them.  She is inspired by such artist as Susie Pryor, Alexi Zaitsev, Susan Woodard, and Sarah Rogers.  Marie has attended workshops with Dreama Tolle Peary, Bill Garrison, Jason Sacran, John Lasater, and Holly Tilley.  The greatest experience of creating a piece of art is seeing the emotional connection between a customer and a piece of art.  After all, to her, that’s the real value of creating.
Email:   [email protected]
Email: [email protected]

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