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I have always had a passion for life’s colors and textures – and for exploring and expressing them through painting, custom jewelry, interior design, and international cuisine.
My painting style is ever evolving, but my interest in finding the beauty in everyday objects and places - as well as a continuing drive to improve my techniques - stays constant.  I paint in oil, watercolors, acrylics and other media; and my jewelry designs focus on the natural beauty and warmth of gemstones, silver, gold, and copper.
In the midst of this journey I hope that my artwork will bring people the same joy that I have had in creating them.

Customer comments:
         "Marie, just a note, to express the daily pleasure and enjoyment your two canvases provide to me and the enormous enrichment to my home. You accomplished the commission perfectly, capturing with uncanny prescience the mood, emotion, spirit and character I was seeking. Each painting is a reoccurring source of reflection, thought and comfort elevating the quality of my personal environment. I am ever grateful." John from Ventura, California

        "I have been wearing Marie's jewelry creations for several years now - and I have to confess they are addictive.  Knowing that they will enhance and complete whatever outfit I choose, I wear them frequently - for the comfort I feel in looking my best, and the pleasure I get in receiving the admiring comments they frequently inspire in others.  Marie's pieces are absolutely stunning - whether bold and striking, or delicate and charming, they always reflect her artistic sensitivity for matching and contrasting fine gemstones and metals.  They look (and feel!) like the high-end, quality creations that they are, and - best of all - I know I am wearing something beautiful, unique, and classy.

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