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I  have been painting and drawing all of my life, as long as I can remember.  As a child I was not encouraged to pursue any future in Art , yet instead my education was founded in Medicine. Ironically healing and art have merged into an incredible journey for me , in all aspects of my life's pursuits.  
My inspiration has been and still is all of life's forms and beauty. Art to me is anything that stirs the creative button that would inspire any true artist . My artwork is mainly acrylic water, although recently color pencil is also an interest.
My Father was an artist , among other things, and my Mother an exceptional writer. Both together their love and affection to create will always be a part of who I am today.  
My intention to the viewer is to allow a moment  to feel an expression of my soul , my heart's perception and feeling invoked by the subject ,  in turn allowing a subtle connection in time and space  .
It is only recent that it was decided to show my work professionally, or should I say publicly .
I will see where the journey takes me from here.
"A painter is a witness of infinite vision that changes with each glance , planting a seed of creation."  Marie Louise Francese
 Prints are available with  most original work ,  * numbered and signed by the artist.

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