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For as long as I can remember I have been drawn to the environment and spirit of the natural world.  Love for nature and spending time outdoors are huge components of my work and inspiration to create.
At this time, I mostly work with acrylic paints and mixed media. Within each art work I create, texture is important to me.  I believe this texture adds richness to each of my canvasses.
As an artist, my goal is to visually capture the essence of the environment and the spirit of nature.
Through my paintings, I want to communicate this vision of the natural world combined with my imaginary world.  I really want to transport my viewers into this world through my eyes, my dreams, hopes, fears and emotions!  If I am successful, I believe that the images may speak to the viewer and evoke a wide range of emotions. 
Maria Zelasko Tomaselli
Award Winning Contemporary Abstract Artist,
Birthdate MAY 5, 1971
When she was ten, Maria recalls creating a “Monet” style painting of a cherry tree in bloom at the Brzezna elementary school.  She remembers feeling a magical joy as she painted and amazement with the finished art work! 
Born in Poland, Maria was raised by her father Anthony and her mother Janina Zelasko near the village of Brzezna.  Her childhood was blessed with natural surroundings and a supportive, loving family.  At age twenty-two she moved to New York to live with her brother Anthony.  She studied English at Brooklyn College and Hunter College in New York and she obtained her U.S.A. Citizenship.  She now creates art in her home studio.
About six years ago, Maria went with determination to an art shop, purchased supplies and began to paint with acrylics.  Then she experimented with mixed media using egg shells, fabric and many other objects.  She receives support from her family, [...]

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