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My works are diverse, from photography to imagery consisting of geometric and organic forms to landscapes and digital paintings or composites, which incorporates photography, calligraphy and printmaking processes. I am inspired by the southwestern landscape. Hiking and camping have been a part of my life and a joy in experiencing the colors, landscapes, and vastness of the area which provides much beauty for creative inspiration. 
Growing up in Philadelphia, I consider my home the Southwest, living here since the early 90's. Graduating with a degree in art education and majoring in printmaking, my career took many directions. From K-12 to college level art teacher, to educator and trainer, specializing in software applications as well as an education technology specialist. My early photographic experiences included photographing weddings and events. As an entrepreneur, I had the opportunity to own and operate a gallery and frame shop, which included a graphic design studio. Founder and President of the organization Creating Art for His Glory, a teaching, discipleship, mentoring and training ministry in the arts. More recently I have been exploring the connection between art and creativity for wellness earning a Certificate in Art & Creativity for Healing. My love of photography and printmaking started with my first classes. When I developed my first photograph and pulled my first print in college, I loved both processes and have continued the learning process of making prints and taking photographs ever since.
Exhibitions and travels have included teaching and living in Johannesburg, South Africa and Antananarivo, Madagascar, with many adventures camping and hiking the perimeter of southern Africa to advanced studies in Rome Italy and mission trips to Zambia and Israel. The richness of the places I have lived and traveled have provided me with a variety of visual wealth. In addition to my travels, my first experience as an entrepreneur was [...]

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