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The Artist Says:

I create my visions of life using the mediums of pastel, oils and mixed media. The essence of life can be found in the quietest of subjects or a moment in time. The subconscious chooses those subjects.

Collectors Say:

I have been a big fan of your work for many years, and have purchased a few pieces of art of yours through different gallery's and still get great pleasure from them and many positive comments from my guests. A big congratulations on your award and I would imagine my collection has just gone up in value!I look forward to seeing what else you produce over the next year.I find your work very inspiring.Keep up the great work.

Other Artists Say:

billiant work maria I see gemfield inspiration in the teapot colours and patterns the detail in the feathers and tablecloth speaks to your artistic and creative perfectionism!

"A piece of Life ! The foreground line pulls the viewer into the work. Interestingly there is virtually no interaction between each part but still strikes a great balance tonally excellent."


"Using the materials of inks,pastel, oils and mixed media to shape and form my impressions of humanity and nature intuitively expressed. The dynamics of chance and control capturing the intangible."
Australian artist Maria Paterson is inspired by nature, subconscious memories, and human perception. Her mixed media drawings and paintings have received numerous commendations, and she has actively participated in group exhibitions for over four decades. Maria’s artistic career has been enhanced by four solo exhibitions, with many of her works being acquired for local and international collections.

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