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If what brought you to my website is a love of art, then WELCOME!  
I share that with you, and I invite you to come along on my journey.

The desire to follow my dream of becoming an artist has always been with me, but there were a few speed bumps
and road blocks along that path.  Now, decades later, here I am taking a leap and RECLAIMING MY ARTIST LIFE.
I've been working this past year on a collection of paintings inspired by my daily hikes on nearby trails, faraway travels,
and the beautiful town of Stillwater, Minnesota along the St Croix River where I live with my husband.
There's something so satisfying about starting with a seed of an idea, creating a composition and color palette,
and then being open to allowing for an organic development of that idea.  I love the challenge of laying colors
onto the surface, and working through both struggles and moments of "flow"until it has taken on a voice and a life of its own.
It's really a feeling I'm trying to re-create.  The feeling that I have so often and in so many places that can stop me in my tracks.
Maybe it's the sunlight hitting a stream or shadows falling across a path, intensifying colors and defining shapes
that are momentary and fleeting and that take my breath away!  Sometimes though, it's something subtle and mysterious,
like an early morning mist hanging over the river--quietly beautiful!
I want to pay attention to the dynamics of  shadow and light, and to the influence 0f one color set next to another.  
I'm trying to find magic.
 "Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life"
 --Mary Oliver
   I plan to follow my artist life journey---come on along! 


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