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Fascinated with the creative flow of water, I produce abstract paintings. They are playful explorations of how water shapes and connects us all.  I look at flow patterns and idealized drop-shapes, and observe how they relate to organic forms. 
I love the spontaneity of my medium. Watercolor is at its best when it happens between chance and control. I am most animated when painting fleeting moments, perishable things, or a model holding a pose for a few minutes. Perfection comes with practice and repetition. In my still lives, figure paintings and outdoor landscape paintings, I go for the freshness of the successful sketch based on direct perception. 
 I have worked as a visual artist for 30 years. I grew up in Germany, received my basic artistic education there, and completed my education in studio arts by taking art classes in the United States.  I studied with accomplished artists and at the University of Fine Arts in Berlin and at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago.
I am an active member of Castle Hill, Truro Center for the Arts.
2019 I taught“Beginning Watercolor” in Truro, MA: June 17 to 23, 2019 (castlehill.org)
2020 I taught "Still Life, Beginning Watercolor, online for friends. 
In the past I taught art classes at the Oak Park Art League, IL and  won several art prizes at juried shows at the same institution.
2020 Honorable Mention Award: Newton Watercolor Society
I have shown my work in galleries in Germany (where I was born and educated), in Turkey (where I lived from 1996 - 2000), and the United States (where I have lived since 2000). 
Group Shows
2020: online shows, Newton Watercolor Society
2020: online shows at PAAM and Caste Hill, Cape Cod
2019: Rhode Island Watercolor Society gallery, Pawtucket, RI
2018: JJake Art Galerie, Boston
2018: Newton Watercolor Society, Watertown, MA
2018: Rhode Island Watercolor Society gallery, Pawtucket, RI
2017: Jjake Art Gallery, Boston, MA
2015: Rhode Island Watercolor [...]

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