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Painting helps me see the world in new ways.  Being outside with nature all around seems to help me look in deeply and really see it.  Once I have painted somewhere... it sort of becomes mine..  That sense place becomes one of those treasures in your memory.
I love to see the light creating delightful patterns and weaving colors throughout as it moves or fades or highlights some special corner.  Shadows grow and deepen, places change, and seasons change. 
I want my work to capture the joy I feel when I see the beauty that is there to share.  I’d like to paint so that each time a viewer takes a moment with my work; they see something new and create their own special thoughts and emotions that make the scene special for them.

Collectors Say:

Dear Marian,
  Today as I look at and enjoy "my new painting" I am struck by the beauty of the illuminated "safe spot".  It is quite
magical.  And I am intrigued by the darker grassy areas against the lights, the shadows, the delicate leaves and of course the charm of the little  bunny.  Once again, a million thanks. This painting,.... makes me very happy.    MSK - Santa Barbara, CA
.....   "The package has finally arrived and I am quite happy with your painting.  Thank you very much for the information.  ....  In 200 years' time someone will be looking at it and wondering about what place is depicted...All dealers and collectors ... get very excited when we find such things on the back... and if it's in the artist's hand, it's even better."
-- C.L.  -Middlesex, England, United Kingdom
."I like the dark calmness of this painting. It will have a good home with me. I'll frame it and hang it in my bedroom. Anything to take my mind off the day's troubles is welcome."  -- D.F. - Texas
..... It is amazing how all these beautiful artists I love are all connected....!   I own three of Brian Blood's paintings and it is a delight to arrive home every day and look at my beauties in my living room; they bring me such joy!I also own one by Michael Obermeyer who sells in Carmel as well  but lives in Laguna Beach; He is great too...You probably know him.
...Your "Painted Cave" will be with them....!--G.V. -- I like the painting I brought home Saturday!  It brings some bright yellow excitement into my living room.  I like the unusual aspect and the colors of this painting.  
I enjoyed looking through your gallery of work - you must get out almost every day!  
Thank you much for the energy of your work and for your inspirations.--K.K.
--I took your painting (now ours) into be framed on Monday.  We chose a neutral mat frame and a burnished gold outer frame.  It complemented the painting and should be beautiful.  The framer thought it was a lovely painting and we all love the idea that it was done plein air.   It takes them usually 3 weeks to do the framing, but we are eager to get it and hang it in our home.
--Marian!!!! I bought Arlington Garden Irises! I am so pleased that I picked one of your paintings. You may have heard that the event at ATCC the past Sunday afternoon was fabulous. I know that you were out painting on the Channel Islands. We missed you, but I'm so happy to have your painting (at least by January!).  --K.T.
--"I received your package on Thursday. Thank you...now our little painting has exchanged homes...from the artist's to the one who loves her art. Welcome home, "September Moon"!  G.V.--My painting arrived yesterday, one day after your most-appreciated note.  How thoughtful you are!  I am delighted to have the note cards and ..am so pleased that [my painting] is among them. "Matador Rocks" is just as special.  I look at it and feel I am there ...... enjoying the music of the waves on the rocks and the breeze on my face.  It brings back happy memories. --P.S.
--Dave and I just love the paintings that you did for us.  Don and Natalie are going to be thrilled to have the cabin painting.  The "Don Study" I am going to give to Dave's sister Libby.  She stays with them often and helps out feeding their cats and watching their house when they go away.--P.W.

Hi Marian, I have received the paintings and am very inspired by them.  They are just lovely and I look forward to finding the perfect spot to show them in my house. Thank You --K.S. Remember that I'm your "groupie".  I love the paintings I bought and my sister loves the one I gave her.  I love looking at your work. -- P.W. I bought "Sunny Day in the Neighborhood" and ........... I got a bargain and personal delivery!  -- I.D. I loved the picture.  My husband and kids loved it, too! -- J.L. I don’t know what to say.   This painting means a lot to me.  Not only it will always remind me of my trip to Guatemala and the good times I had, but I’ll remember you as the artist, former sup, and my friend!  -- M.P.  I recently purchased your oil painting "Yellow Hillls" or "Yellow Mustard" as it was listed in the show at the Ventura Maritime Museum.  It is one of the most impressive landscapes I have ever seen, full of light, peace and joy.  The hills and tree are magnificent.  I wondered if you had a waterscape oil about the same size in the same medium.  It is 9 x 12 on linen board.  Thank you very much. -- P.S.  

Other Artists Say:

How tonal values -- like music -- create a sense of movement

By Greg Albert in The Artist Magazine 2008
Spirit (oil, 14X18) by Marian Fortunati captures the spirit and energy of its subject. The painting’s success is built on interesting, expressive shapes, with strong contrasts of light and dark and energetic brushwork working together to express the movement and excitement of kids at play. Fortunati’s work is a great illustration of the Japanese concept of notan  -- the idea that a successful painting should be based on an abstract pattern of tonal values, even if it’s a representational image. Notan literally means dark-light and can be defined as a pleasing and attractive design made of contrasting light and dark shapes. The Japanese call this visual music. Overall, Spirit does indeed capture the spirit of its subject. Interesting shapes, strong value contrast and lively brushwork combine to make this heartfelt painting a moving image (in both the sense of motion as well as emotion).
Seldom do I come across paintings that are so powerful and so wide ranging. The colors of her painting are so exciting and alive, you will feel that you are part of her masterpieces on canvas. She is able to capture the intrinsic magic of nature and transfer them on canvas for all her readers and art patrons to appreciate. Her works are a must buy for all serious art lovers.
- Mel Avila Alarilla


I consider myself “one lucky artist” because art has enabled me to experience more of the beauty in our world.(.....And because my name, Fortunati, means "lucky" in Italian.)
I am a contemporary California impressionist who enjoys painting outdoors.  I use oil paints to create interesting experiments with texture and color.  My outdoor sketches often serve as references for larger studio work, but are also special mementos of places and adventures.
I met my husband while I was on a summer vacation adventure in Venice, Italy.  We were married there in Venice a year after meeting.  My surname means “lucky” in Italian.  The Italian translation reminds me that as I interpret my experiences in paintings, it is my aim to engage and entertain viewers with interesting forms and playful paint.  I am lucky to be on this journey.
During one of the first juried shows which included my work, a woman, who still remains in touch, purchased one of my paintings from that show.  Later she contacted me and looked through my website to find another painting with meaning for her.  Her first purchase, she said, reminded her of a wonderful trip she had taken with her husband, who had recently passed.    Since that first purchase, she  has reached out and purchased several other paintings... each with some special meaning for her.   
It is always my hope that those who purchase my art will add their own memories and meaning to the artwork that graces their home or office.
I am a California native.  I grew up and worked in Southern California.  I had a long career as a teacher and a principal in Los Angeles.  After painting and studying art for many years during time off work, I now paint full-time. 
I have had many learning opportunities in order to establish a strong foundation in [...]

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