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     Mariah Clearwater is a native of Western New York State. She has traveled throughout the Americas and Europe and lived in New York and Kentucky before settling in Tucson in 1980. Mariah became an oil painter at the age of nine and a clay artist at seventeen. Art has been her livelihood and passion ever since. 
   Although Mariah paints still-life and  figure pieces she prefers to concentrate primarily on Plein Air Landscape and large format Abstracts. The ever changing desert landscape is a constant inspiration for Mariah's plein air work. Whereas with her abstract paintings she seeks and finds inspiration in everything from a rare turquoise stone to a child's smile.
   Mariah’s ceramic art varies from traditional functional artwork found in her lovely dinnerware sets and other functional pieces to ethereal one of a kind sculptures. 
   Mariah's art reflects both her classical training as well as the influence of personal life experiences, contemporary artists and artists throughout history. Mariah has studied with many artists over the years including Tam Bodkin Bryk, Kevin Milligan, Doug Shelton, and Mary Anne Waligur.


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