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My name is Olimpia Feig. I was born in São Paulo, Brazil on April 15, 1952 as Maria Olimpia Rocha, the oldest of four siblings. I was educated by Catholic nuns and graduated college as an art teacher. My father was an intellectual man who surrounded himself with good books and music. I have been blessed with good parents and good surroundings, whether beautiful nature, books, music or food.
My first memory of graphic art was at the age of 5 or 6 when I found among my father's books, a printed copy of "The Divine Comedy" by Dante Alighieri with illustrations by Gustave Dore. I remember looking at his drawings for hours trying to understand the meaning of each individual illustration with a vague idea it was about the Inferno, Purgatory and Heaven. I usually ended up looking at the lines, the contours of the bodies, the tensions between light and dark. These drawings still to this day fascinate me.
Another artist who inspired me was Giorgio Morandi, who I remember spending a great time studying at a very young age. The quietness of his work resonated with my "child soul".
I have always enjoyed drawing and to look at art. I chose pen and ink as the media for my work because it required no time to set up and to clean. I could pack everything in a small box and take with me wherever I went - which is very convenient when raising children.
Two basic principles guide me when I draw:
1) The point, the dot, the pixel, the cell, the atom.... call it what you want, but a line is a sequence of points. A body is a structure made out of cells. Atoms are the basic unit of matter and the defining structure of elements.
2) As for the spiritual and [...]

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