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I love making things with my hands. Growing up New York was a gold mine of resources.
Wednesdays were scavenger hunting time; lamps, furniture, or simple pieces of wood
people deemed as trash were our treasures.
My mother, siblings, and I sometimes converted them into heirlooms we still have and enjoy.
A diplomat by trait, my mother also taught us to love history, travel, poetry, music, land, and country.
After getting a degree in art and fashion design I had a small business catering to all special occasions and formal gowns.
My design media was markers, color pencils and watercolors.
As an art student my favorite part was art history. That passion for history hasn’t gone away.
For my first collection I’ve chosen a study of lighthouses in America. Lighthouses today are purely historical, but as I sketch them, study them, and look for the ones that say the most to me,
I find that they are very symbolic of the history we are living today. We are looking for the light of healing,
we are looking for that beacon of health; that makes the lighthouse very relevant today.

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