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Maria E. Williams-Fontanez spent her formative years in the nature-laden surroundings of Puerto Rico, where she was born in a small village outside of the city of San Juan metropolitan area.  In the ensuing years, her family moved several times, giving her the opportunity to also live in New York, New Jersey Florida and Connecticut
As a very young child, she became deeply aware of the flora and fauna that enveloped her village. Her eyes became like camera shutters, capturing the richness of images produced from all that she came into contact with.  From these images, she learned how nature assembles streams, trees, flowers and wildlife to form wondrously beautiful tableaux for our eyes to delight in.
Her perceptions of the abundance of natural beauty in the world challenged and motivated her to capture all of this in a way that permitted 
it to be shared with others in a lasting way.  No doubt this is what inspired her to become a painter.
Maria Esther started at a very young age doing pencil drawings because pencils were the only thing her mother could afford to buy for her.
She was excited by what she saw and she tried to draw everything that she could see.  As time progressed, she received paints as presents, and joyfully began to create paintings in color.  From this was born her lifelong love affair with oil paintings.
For many years oil painting was an avocation that took a backseat to the main challenges of navigating through life. However following marriage, she decided to make it official and entered the Parsons School of Art & Design, in New York City, where she graduated with a degree in Fine Arts and Illustration in 1985.  At Parsons, she added many other skills such as photography and Graphic Illustration.
She also completed a degree in Graphic Illustration [...]

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