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Maria Crean is a contemporary still life and landscape painter whose dynamic paintings capture the essence of simple every day things and places.  She began painting as a form of contemplation but it quickly evolved into a passion.  She finds clarity in the details of nature and beauty in what most might consider ordinary.
       "Nature coalesces all its complexities into life-sustaining objects that we most often take for granted.  When I paint I remind myself that I play a part in the complex drama that links the natural world to the development of mankind, and that spirit binds both together infinitely.  My small role as an artist therefore, is no less essential to this cosmic play then that of the cherry and the rose."
Though Maria discovered her passion for painting later than many artists, her love of painting came to her as a child as she wandered the galleries of  the Norton Simon and LA County museums.  She would stand in front of the massive still life paintings by the masters, examining the brushstrokes close up.  The detail amazed her and has influenced the old masters technique she employs today.  Maria works mainly in oil, applying layers of glazing in order to build up the trademark vibrant colors in her works and striking light effects. Her influences come from the past and present, from such masters as Louise Moillon, DaVinci and Caravaggio, and contemporary painters such as Jeffrey T. Larson and Michael J. Smith.  She is an Associate member of the Oil Painters of America.
Awards and Competitions

2020 Richeson75 Small Works Competition - Meritorious Entry
2019 October Bold Brush Competition Favorite Top 15 %
2019 National Rejoice in Art Juried Competition
2018 Torrance Artists Guild Artist of the Year
2018 National Rejoice in Art Juried Competition
2018 Gallery of Fine Art Randy Higbee Award
2017 [...]

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