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Art does not lie - it is an honest reflection of its creator

Painting primarily in acrylic, I enjoy the actual physical, tactile experience of moving paint around on a substrate, and manipulating colours into squishy thickness and watery thinness, with not just brushes, but with anything which creates interesting marks and textures.  As a retired massage therapist, I find myself frequently painting with my hands. 
When I begin a painting, especially a large canvas, I approach the work spontaneously.  I paint quickly and freely, applying and removing multiple layers, again and again.  I step away from the canvas often, allowing it to rest, and for me to see it through fresh eyes.  I repeat the process until I feel a sense of peace and completeness.  Then I add the final, finishing touches. 
To find a title for a new painting, I ask questions of it, as if it is a living entity.  Sometimes unexpected glimpses into my subconscious or the world around me are revealed and inspire the title. 
I grew up in Vancouver, Canada, in a very unique, creative household.  From an early age I was exposed to the arts, including ceramics, illustration, acting, creative writing and music.  While taking classes with visual artists, Peter Aspell and Connie Pomeroy, my interest in abstract painting began.  I have received formal training in landscapes, florals, and portraiture, but it is within the abstract where I find my heart and soul.   My greatest creations in life are five children and several magical grandchildren.
My paintings hang in private collections throughout the United States, Canada and New Zealand. 

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