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I started drawing at an early age around 8 or 9. Not too skilled at that age to say the least but I certainly enjoyed it. At 12 I started drawing from Disney books and remember being surprised at what I did. Looked a lot the same. To be honest though, my heart belonged to music. By age 13 I had played accordian, harmonica, piano,  flute-a-fone and started alto saxaphone. Piano was "work" for me but sax was a breeze. By junior high I was playing baritone sax in the high school dance band. What a good time! We moved and I continued to play sax and sat first chair all state band. But I loved singing and had occasionally been asked to sing solos,the Star Spangled Banner, and played guitar and sang in a folk group. While I was invited to sing with a dance band, it never came to be. I left for college planning to major in voice. That didn't go so well as I only got Bs. 
Not being happy with that I transfer to an art major planning to go into medical illustration. Unfortunately for me, the semester I was to transfer they scratched the program. I stuck with art any way and enjoyed it. I loved the assignments and chances to try mediums and styles.
Divorce changed my direction and I started working at a local hospital and rose in the ranks. But at least I was able to free lance. I worked on my art at home and much of what I do has been self taught in particular watercolor and pen & ink. I joined the local art league where I met my mentor Hannah Hollister Ingmire. She's been working really hard to try to get me to "loosen up" and kick the technical mentality [...]

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