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   For me,  being  a  landscape  artist  in  New  Mexico  is  like  living  pure  joy.  I  only  need  to  step  outside  my back  door  to  find  inspiration.  And,  although  panoramic  mountain  and  desert  views  and  beautiful  skies  are  in  every  direction,  it's  often  the  little  things...  a  chamisa  in  bloom,  the  shadow  it  casts  across  the ground,  or  the  irrigation  waterways  that  pass  through  the  farm  and  ranchlands,  that  send  me  to  my easel.
    I  have  painted  in  different  mediums  over  the  years,  but  something  special  happened  when  I  picked  up  pastels   for  the  first  time.  This  was  truly  a  "hands  on"  experience.  Everything   changed.  I  had  finally  found  a  way  to  express  what  my  heart  was  trying  to  say.  The  most  rewarding  thing  is  when  that expression  touches  ssomeone heart.                        I   can't   really  ask  for  more  than  that.


Artist Statement

For me, being a landscape artist in New Mexico is like living pure joy. I only need to step outside my back door to find inspiration. And, although panoramic mountain and desert views and beautiful skies are in every direction, it's often the little things... a chamisa in bloom, the shadow it casts across the ground, or the irrigation waterways that pass through the farm and ranchlands, that send me to my easel.
I have painted in different mediums over the years, but something special happened when I picked up pastels for the first time. This was truly a "hands on" experience. Everything changed. I had finally found a way to express what my heart was trying to say. The most rewarding thing is when that expression touches someone else's heart.
Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best... "In art, the hand can never execute anything higher than the heart can imagine".
I [...]

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