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  • Year Born: 1946

  • I believe that a Higher Power works through me when I am able to turn loose control.

  • I paint all the time in my head. You may think I am looking at the scenery but I am painting it.

  • Color is more important to me that any other part of the work.

  • Price Range: $50.00 - $1,500.00

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The Artist Says:

There are quotes from famous creative people stating that they do not know where the things they produce come from. Throughout history artists have courted their muse as if it were something other than themselves.  And that is the way it feels.  Years are spent learning techniques, trying out different styles and feeling a sense of both success and defeat. Success always feels like a gift from somewhere and/or someone. Defeat feels like that other entity has abandoned us.  Over time our craft is increasingly perfected but is always dependent on the presents of that Other. My goal is to be increasingly one with my muse which I believe to be God given and spiritually driven.


I was born in West Virginia, grew up in Chicago, learned a lot in the suburbs, and am blooming in Tennessee. A trail of paint was left behind through all. While I spent most of my time as a wage-slave, I painted as much as I could and when I couldn’t… I painted in my mind. And of the actual paintings created, I managed to sell most of them to my employers and co-workers for their homes and offices. 
Oil paint was my first love until I had children. After one of them got old enough to reach the wet paint on an easel, I switch to acrylics that would dry before tiny fingers got into the hazard. As the years passed I wandered between mediums depending on subject matter and location. Today I work mostly in watercolor but all the other options are at hand. I find the techniques used in one can be tried in others with sometimes different and sometimes similar effects.  I like the fact that it keeps all creative options open.
My studio is the second floor of my home. Its a messy place and I often wish for more structure but it doesn't seem to be a part of my nature. I work until exhausted and straightening up is the last thing on my mind. I do make sure my brushes are clean and fresh water or oil is set up so work can start the next day without pause or excuse... which works some of the time.

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