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  • FASO Artist Website: http://www.MargaretPark.net

  • Year Born: 1946

  • I believe that a Higher Power works through me when I am able to turn loose control.

  • I paint all the time in my head. You may think I am looking at the scenery but I am painting it.

  • Color is more important to me that any other part of the work.

  • Price Range: $50.00 - $1,500.00

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The Artist Says:

There are quotes from famous creative people stating that they do not know where the things they produce come from. Throughout history artists have courted their muse as if it were something other than themselves.  And that is the way it feels.  Years are spent learning techniques, trying out different styles and feeling a sense of both success and defeat. Success always feels like a gift from somewhere and/or someone. Defeat feels like that other entity has abandoned us.  Over time our craft is increasingly perfected but is always dependent on the presents of that Other. My goal is to be increasingly one with my muse which I believe to be God given and spiritually driven.


A while back I met an artist who, as a child was known to checked under the sofa for lost things. One of those times her Mother told her to be careful of  the draft.  She heard  "giraffe".  She spent many years trying to find the giraffe that was small enough to hide under the sofa.  As a child I used to climb up into a small closet above the stairwell that was lined with books.  It was probably the world's smallest library.  My Mom's old Latin textbooks were in there with glowing reproductions of paintings showing Greek and Roman stories and lore.  I couldn't read the Latin but thats ok because at that point I couldn't read the English either.  It was the pictures I went in there to hang out with.  I now enjoy reading words in English but I prefer the paintings.
My own painting has evolved into an increasingly deeper spiritual journey.  Our spiritual journey begins before we are born and continues after we die but the only one we are aware of is the one happening right now.  As I move ever closer to a clearer connection with the central core of me, my work becomes increasingly unique and a clearer definition of not only me but what art is to me.  
Children are natural artists, more in tune with their own spirit within and without.  They know that tiny giraffes exist and small private places are among the best.  Life's cobblestones jar these connections loose but at some point we begin to miss them and sit down to find them.


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