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Margaret has been an artist and photographer most of her life. She got her first Brownie camera at age 8. There are several artists in her family, one of which was her grandmother's cousin, Mary Morrison who was a painting instructor at Baylor university in the 1920s. Her grandmother was also an excellent artist but unfortunately put down her brushes when she got married. There was also an aunt on her dad's side who was an artist and she painted well up into her 90s.
She has always loved animals of all descriptions, bringing home all sorts of creatures, kittens, puppies, horny toads and snakes and mice from the barn.  She was also a horse trainer and taught horsemanship and showing.
Margaret has a bachelor of fine arts degree (painting and photography) and was working on a master's degree but life got in the way and she had to give that up. She also took private lessons with Phyllis Hawman in Silver City, New Mexico and attended several workshops.

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