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Botanical Art
Margaret specializes in medicinal fruits, flowers & spices that bring essences, healing, joy, upliftment and thought.  She was born in Winchester-England, and has spent her life between California, Hawaii, the UK, Cape Town-South Africa, Europe, S.E. Asia, Nepal and India.  Bali is her home at this time.  She has practiced holistic health in a variety of professions for 28 years.  
Being a natural educator, there is an inclination to teach through her art, inspiring people to learn more about the healing qualities of plants and life enrichment.  Margaret received a Diploma in Botanical Illustration from the Royal Botanical Gardens of Edinburgh so uses these skills throughout her work.  Portraying the plant/flower in a realistic yet artistic interpretive way inspires her to allow the paint to spread within the waters on the paper.  In this way she looses "control" over the painting and feels this can bring the energy of the plant forward for us to see and feel.  
Margaret has the privilege of using ND after her name when the occasion calls. She graduated with highest honors with her Doctor of Naturopathy for Healthcare Professionals in November 2010. To tie in her passions; Botanical Art, Medicinal Plant Studies, Naturopathy and Writing, her chosen subjects to paint are accompanied with information of their medicinal use or to inspire soulful reflection.  Margaret is a member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP) which represents "non-prescriptive medication suggestions and recommendations".  Transpersonal PsychologyIn Autumn of 2012, Margaret took a years worth of integrated studies in Transpersonal Psychology with Sofia University in the Bay Area of California through a global online course with personal group work throughout.  
As she continues with her studies throughout life, a continual unfolding of her journey is reflected in her lifestyle.
"Learning how to incorporate my passions into a satisfying career is a challenge and one that I cherish [...]

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