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Marc Ward is a Florida born (1954) artist that resides in the foothills of East Tennessee. He graduated from Maryville College in the mid-70’s with a BA in Studio Art. During the 70’s and 80’s his three dimensional work was exhibited in numerous group and solo exhibitions including the Smithsonian’s Renwick Gallery. The 90’s saw Marc and his wife Kathy, operate their own gallery which represented their own work and the work of 150 artists and craftspeople. Also, during this period, Marc started a firm that produces specialized equipment and tools for 3D artists. Currently his photographic based work has garnered such awards as the International Black & White Spider Awards and The International Color Awards. A collection of his photographic work is represented by several photo agencies and used by many international companies. His camera and computer work has appeared in numerous publications including National Geographic.
Marc’s painting’s use the immediacy of water-based mediums to create paintings of his travels, surroundings, and imagination. Many times, he begins painting on the computer, developing colors and compositional elements. These structural components of tone and form create the base of work that is applied to the canvas as pigments. The surface of the canvas is then further developed with paint, art crayon, and pencil. These materials are applied with brush, palette knife, sponge, and sometimes fingers, to create the final work of art.
“To me, art should enliven the spirit and please the eye. It should make you smile or bring about un-recalled
memories from places you never been. I strive for beautifully rich colors, pleasing lines, and the feeling that one
could live near my work and find new secrets and pleasures every time its looked upon. Working from my
photographs and memories, I translate what was captured in-camera and in my mind’s eye to what the scene [...]

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