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“Maru” is the signature for the artist Marcia Shelly.
Lori Waxman, an art historian for The Chicago Institute of Art, wrote “Marcia practices a vibrant form of genre painting... as if seeking out the most enjoyable approach: textured mountain-scapes, flat luminous plains, jazzy likenesses, soft-focus blooms, sketchy tourist pictures.”
She has exhibited up and down the east coast from New York City to Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Kansas City, MO; and an abundance of places in between.  Marcia won her signature status in Palo Alto, CA.  She has been nationally and internationally published several times for multiple years.
And where she likes to live and paint is in Lenoir City, TN.
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Brief Artist Statement
"I found that producing artwork is a puzzle, a wonderful puzzle. Find the key to balance color, depth and composition…then make them fit together. When working the puzzle, a key will be found that governs the work all the way to the finish.  Sometimes, because the finished work is visualized before the first brush stroke is laid, what is conceptualized as the key to the work really is not.  You think you know what you are going to achieve right from the start, you think you know the key to the puzzle. It will always trick you. Finding the “wow” can be very elusive."   
-- Marcia Shelly --

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